Handcuff Pouch

Custom Kydex Handcuff Pouch

Custom handcuff pouch that fits snug to the body and is very comfortable. Great for On/Off duty LEO's. 

What to expect from our custom handcuff pouch
  • Only 5-3/8'' wide
  • Designed and hand built using .080 and .093 thickness kydex (.08 for custom and  premium colors) for extreme durability and great definition

  • In order to keep cost low for you, custom and premium colors come front facing side in the custom color you choose.  The back will be Calcutta Black.   
  • Can be used for outside the waistband carry and easily converts to and inside the waistband with a simple switch from belt loops to Hansen hooks 
  • Heavy duty 1.50'', 1.75'', 2.00" Kydex belt loops made from .125 thickness Kydex
  • The edges of the handcuff pouch are not only rounded they are polished for comfort
  • Curved to contour to the body
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Handcuff Case Handcuff Pouch
Handcuff Case Handcuff Pouch

Custom Kydex handcuff case Features easy in and out for handcuffs Great retention Curved Contoure to fit closer to the body Modular (can add flash light holder or single mag pouch) bolts directly to cuff case

Custom handcuff pouch that is compact. The cuff pouch attaches securely to your belt via Blade-tech Tek-Lok. Great for On/Off duty LEO's. What to expect from our custom handcuff pouch Compact design Comfort Durability Easy On/Off Designed and...







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